Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A night to remember

Today I was so blessed for having friends like super! SUPERB FRIENDS! They are the best, they know me well. They surprised me for my birthday present. We decided to have a gathering and giving gifts. I got a tee from my new friend. They asked me to go out for making some fireworks, yet when we were taking photos, I was thrown some water-baloons by friends from backside. God! it was like "ohmy, I lose in war" LOL :D
So the tee that I got from my friend was useful, cause I was extremely wet! SO WET!

It was totally fun. We had so much fun! :) Some photos weren't taken by my cam, so I'll wait them from my friend to upload it. Here are some :)

At first I was wearing a tee that's made by my brother, MISEKO clothing and khaki color trousers from Mango

At last I was wearing a varsity(again from my brother :p), a tee from my friend that I got from gifts exchanging, and hotpants from colorbox.

BIG THANKS TO MY SUPERB BESTIES, RETRO (Denise Tedja, Aloddya Anwar, Monica Johanna, Kevin Zadok, Patricia Karina Putri, Natasah Bunardi, Eric Theddy, Richie Theodoroes, Anette Firmawan P., Ovaldo Sanjaya, Clara Cynthia) and also my new friends Axel Hugo, Christian PT, Ferris Guntur S., and Kevin Wijaya :) you guys are the BEST! thanks GOD for giving me sucha great superb friends.

"we do hope you'll have stunning moments to remember"

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