Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Sense of fashion

On the last Golden Globes, actresses and actors are wearing outfit from great great designers. In my opinion the simplest one was the best. Nothing that's too much is good. I always loved Giambattista Valli, but when it came in mustard yellow and wore by Jennifer Lopez with her hair (I think) undone, it became the worst nightmare.
But still everyone loves that mustard yellow dress. Only a few that catch my sight. I've never really liked Louis Vuitton, but when it came in white and stripes, it looked sooo gooodd I can't even bear.
It was Alicia Vikander wearing Louis Vuitton all white head to toe.
Alicia Vikander also brought her white Petite Malle as I saw it someone brought it while waiting for her being captured. It was so simple but it suited her. The backless thing was major! and the hair was so classy for a Golden Globes. Casually Classy I think. There's this one woman also that looked so stunning. With her black gown with plunging neckline, her body looked perfect. She's Kirsten Dunst! She wore a Valentino Dress.
and there's one perfect mix and match I think. She made it! She combined her jewelry in green emerald with her green-ish dress. It was so glamour and when she did the something (slow motion) booth at Golden Globes, she just looked perfect! I couldn't agree more.
It was Jaimie Alexander in green Ginny dress with pockets.
Thanks for reading! :) Stay tune!

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Hello from what side

Hey, it's been too long not blogging. Was thinking of letting this blogging thing go, but then something changed my mind. I got a lotta things that's happened in my life through years. Now that I have my own brand called aicats which sells hangbags and the likes, I'm focusing on stuffs in fashion. I found my passion of fashion that day. I've been enjoying on making things by hand since I was a little girl back then. I always loved making things on my holiday cause I can't bear on being not occupied. I made cellphones dummy, laptop, camera, and anything that I wanted to have. I couldn't buy it myself and on that age I wasn't proper to use those things. I've gone through lots of things these past few years. Now that I want to focus on fashion and passion things, I'd like to share with you that I wanna be a fashion artisan. I made some of my bags by hand, made some of my needs by hand also.
I made my dress, my hat, my bags, bracelet, etc. I learnt a lot of fashion. I learnt how to do haute couture, leather crafting, etc. Now that I'm working on making bags, I'm still in progress on making hermes kelly mini 15cm for an order.
Now that I'm focusing on making things for fashion, soon my next project will be uploaded :) Stay tune!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Fabulous Farewell part 2

Nahhhhh after the Fabulous Farewell part 1, for about a week we were planning to have a gathering. We just feel so sad that we aren't going to be classmate again. So this might be our first and last class dinner party. I've made the invitation from a photo then I sent it via BBM. LOL technology makes everything too instant hahaha. Again, I can't explain like some more about this farewell party. THIS IS WAY TOO FABULOUS! We were wearing all these formal outfits. And before this party, some of my guy friends asking me about what should they wear. Hahaha then, I saw 3 guys who looked good at this party. Here are some photos! :)
This one is so ORPHAN muahahahha
And these are the guys I told you about. Best dressed up guys!
And that day I was wearing a top from random shop in town, long skirt from N.Y.L.A, and brown pumps if you can see it :-P That night was so loveeeee!
Don't say goodbye, just say "see you later"

Sunday, 25 March 2012


My holiday doesn't go as well. Lately I have had the strangest feeling. Idk why but this looks like my brain doesn't work at all cause of influenza. LOL. During my holidays, my cousins asked me to join their photoshoot. That means I have to be the photographer! yes, the model wasn't my cousin, indeed. FYI, my cousins just bought the Cassey kids photo studio and they want to know how hard it is to take photos of kids. Yes, it was so hard for me, the kid was running away and almost didn't look at the camera at all -_____-

So here are the photos :) her name is Samantha. LOVELYYYYYYYY!

well see you in the next post ;)

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A night to remember

Today I was so blessed for having friends like super! SUPERB FRIENDS! They are the best, they know me well. They surprised me for my birthday present. We decided to have a gathering and giving gifts. I got a tee from my new friend. They asked me to go out for making some fireworks, yet when we were taking photos, I was thrown some water-baloons by friends from backside. God! it was like "ohmy, I lose in war" LOL :D
So the tee that I got from my friend was useful, cause I was extremely wet! SO WET!

It was totally fun. We had so much fun! :) Some photos weren't taken by my cam, so I'll wait them from my friend to upload it. Here are some :)

At first I was wearing a tee that's made by my brother, MISEKO clothing and khaki color trousers from Mango

At last I was wearing a varsity(again from my brother :p), a tee from my friend that I got from gifts exchanging, and hotpants from colorbox.

BIG THANKS TO MY SUPERB BESTIES, RETRO (Denise Tedja, Aloddya Anwar, Monica Johanna, Kevin Zadok, Patricia Karina Putri, Natasah Bunardi, Eric Theddy, Richie Theodoroes, Anette Firmawan P., Ovaldo Sanjaya, Clara Cynthia) and also my new friends Axel Hugo, Christian PT, Ferris Guntur S., and Kevin Wijaya :) you guys are the BEST! thanks GOD for giving me sucha great superb friends.

"we do hope you'll have stunning moments to remember"