Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Fabulous Farewell part 2

Nahhhhh after the Fabulous Farewell part 1, for about a week we were planning to have a gathering. We just feel so sad that we aren't going to be classmate again. So this might be our first and last class dinner party. I've made the invitation from a photo then I sent it via BBM. LOL technology makes everything too instant hahaha. Again, I can't explain like some more about this farewell party. THIS IS WAY TOO FABULOUS! We were wearing all these formal outfits. And before this party, some of my guy friends asking me about what should they wear. Hahaha then, I saw 3 guys who looked good at this party. Here are some photos! :)
This one is so ORPHAN muahahahha
And these are the guys I told you about. Best dressed up guys!
And that day I was wearing a top from random shop in town, long skirt from N.Y.L.A, and brown pumps if you can see it :-P That night was so loveeeee!
Don't say goodbye, just say "see you later"

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