Sunday, 10 January 2016

Hello from what side

Hey, it's been too long not blogging. Was thinking of letting this blogging thing go, but then something changed my mind. I got a lotta things that's happened in my life through years. Now that I have my own brand called aicats which sells hangbags and the likes, I'm focusing on stuffs in fashion. I found my passion of fashion that day. I've been enjoying on making things by hand since I was a little girl back then. I always loved making things on my holiday cause I can't bear on being not occupied. I made cellphones dummy, laptop, camera, and anything that I wanted to have. I couldn't buy it myself and on that age I wasn't proper to use those things. I've gone through lots of things these past few years. Now that I want to focus on fashion and passion things, I'd like to share with you that I wanna be a fashion artisan. I made some of my bags by hand, made some of my needs by hand also.
I made my dress, my hat, my bags, bracelet, etc. I learnt a lot of fashion. I learnt how to do haute couture, leather crafting, etc. Now that I'm working on making bags, I'm still in progress on making hermes kelly mini 15cm for an order.
Now that I'm focusing on making things for fashion, soon my next project will be uploaded :) Stay tune!

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